Well you have drains Jackson-Pratt drains that are stuck on the side of your body literally. You feel like you’re in the matrix where you have this grenade looking tube, where all the liquid comes and it just takes all the liquid to prevent infection from the wound. It leaks into this drain that you have to empty yourself. It’s kind of gross because you see your blood and your, the yellowy reddish looking liquid that’s… empties out of your body. You have to keep that on you for 10 days. Going out you have to wear a loose T-shirt and you have to find a pouch to tuck it in or just pin it to the side. So you have just these drains stuck to you for 10 days and that was difficult to deal with and as soon as they’re out of you.

Interviewer:  How was it when they took it out? Was there anything particular?

When they take it out it literally felt like snakes were slithering out of my body because I didn’t expect it to be that deep inside me. The doctor literally just yanks it out of you, and it’s not that painful if the doctor knows how to do it well, but as soon as that’s done and they, I have 2 scars here on the side where there was, used to be tubes that were in it’s just little tiny holes.

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