Challenging emotions


But when I started chemo, this was the hardest intervention; it’s harder, harder than the surgeries. Yes. When I started the first session of chemo, I wasn’t well at all. And I was too aggressive with the nurses. It was like they were inserting poison in my body, I didn’t accept that at all, not at all. It was catastrophic for me. And at this moment, I started my first session of chemotherapy and this… It’s not easy to remember all the steps.

I started my first session of chemotherapy and I had complications at the level of… my stomach… I had pain at the stomach level. I wasn’t well at all, in every sense really, it was a catastrophe. And at that moment I started to think of making a fashion show in this… I was in my bubble, I wasn’t talking to anyone, but I was thinking of making a fashion show for women, for the survivors or women with breast cancer, that are under treatment, and to help them overcome their grief, their sadness. To make the women live in happiness surrounded by their family, and to give back to the women that had this sickness a little bit of their femininity and self-esteem. Because it is a trying ordeal, it is not easy at all. So I started thinking about that. I started thinking about something that would help me overcome my grief and this is my idea. So I talked to the hospital association. I was undergoing treatment and I started talking with the association and they approved of my idea. They liked it. Every time I was talking to a woman in the waiting room I was saying: “Would you accept to be a model?” “Yes, yes, yes, I would like, etc.” It is… When I see their smile it makes me happy. And this is my experience.

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