How it affects family and friends


And I met with women with cancer and who need, who really need, women with generalized cancer, but there is nobody that knock on their door to say: “Hello, how are you? Do you need anything?” Really it is very difficult. Above all, we are in a country where there is no… there are more immigrants. They have no family around and it is very difficult that someone… He is sick and he is alone. Really, it’s… I was lucky because I was always surrounded by friends, and my family came to see me. But there are other people that need support, moral support, support… It’s true that there is a lot of organizations that present a lot of things, I will not deny that. But for affection, someone that comes to your house if you need something. This is lacking a lot. That’s it. 
I was always accepting invitations. I was trying to get out of my bubble. I was not staying home a lot. I agreed to have people come over. I didn’t have a problem at that level.

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