Physical activity and diet changes


I started doing some research on nutrition. What must I eat? What I musn't eat? We must eat more vegetables, fruits, but we needed to do research. It wasn’t easy because the doctors do not give all the information. They need to be trained at this level. For the most part, there is no guarantee that nutrition is the cause of cancer, but for sure part of what we eat on a daily basis affects our health. So women are lost during the chemotherapy. What can they eat?

What should we eat? What shouldn’t we eat? Even if there are nutritionists on site, but sometimes I say: “Can I eat aloe vera?” They don’t even know what it is. “Ah no, I have no idea.” So the message I would like to share is that women or anyone suffering from cancer, they need to know what they should eat, and what they shouldn’t eat, especially when they are in the hospital. Because sometimes the people don’t have the time to research the Internet.  For sure everything is on the Internet but we need someone to validate the information. “We eat this, we don’t eat that. We must not eat too much meat. For example, we must eat more fish. We must eat fruits. We must make juices, smoothies, natural juices.” We need that.

As I told you about the healthcare professionals, sometimes we ask about one sort of plant and they don’t know or there is no research to show that this plant is efficient or that it is good for your health or that it strengthens the cells. Especially when you suffer from anemia, when you do… what do you call it? The chemo – your immune system is very weak, so you need to eat well, things filled with protein, vitamins. You need to eat well. There is no formula where they tell you: “You must eat this, you must not eat that.” Like I told you, especially at the hospital. Like I told you, the information – the doctor needs to give us more of his time. I know that they have a lot of patients, they work hard, but a patient needs more information. It’s like the doctors are… They have a lot, a lot of responsibilities. They have no time to explain, how… What you should eat, what… They don’t have that information.

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