Positive effects on self


After the illness, we are trying to improve our quality of life. It means, we are trying. I don’t want to say that I am perfect but I am trying to help others. I am trying to do good things. I am trying to improve the situation of… and the quality of life, meaning I do not want… If the boss tells me: “There is no work for you.” I am not going to rack my brain, my destiny is there. It is… I am alive, that is what counts.

I do not want to swim against the current. The current, it works, it is destiny. So you must accept, you must accept, that’s all.

Interviewer: So the change inside…

Exactly… Previously I told myself: “No, why the boss, nan, nan, nan…” Life doesn’t need this. No. Life is good, you must live one day at a time. And that’s it… If I die, everybody dies anyway from cancer and without cancer. That’s it, you must be courageous. Even yesterday when I went to see the doctor, I wasn’t afraid. I said: “Ok, it is true that I am always afraid of chemo.” I would not like to relive that experience but I showed some kind of courage.

What is positive, as I told you, the cancer gave me the courage to see life differently. We must have faith.

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