Physical activity and diet changes


If you can’t do them as energetically as you did, do them a little less. That’s why I say go to the gym, exercise, and if you don’t like going to gyms, walk. Women run, they run before, during and after treatment. I just don’t think you should just stop dead. I mean, if you just stop everything you’re doing, that’s not going to make the cancer go away. It’s there, it’s being treated. Yeah, your energy is not going to be as good for the first while, but just do as little or as much as you can. If you’re married and you want to use it as an excuse for somebody to clean your house, do it. But if you want to keep cleaning your own house, clean your own house. I do think exercise is important, I mean, the research studies that have been done here and that they’ve now started to do in other places, indicate that exercising during cancer treatment has no ill effect on you whatsoever. You may feel ill while you’re having the treatment, but it’s not from the exercising and the exercising is not going to hurt you. And you don’t have to exercise as heavily as you did before at all. Go for a very slow walk on a treadmill, that’s the most boring thing on the face of this earth, but if that’s what you can do, then that’s what you need to do.

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