Troubling long-term effects of treatment


This long-term fatigue which is now being investigated by a lot of researchers, in a lot of countries, because they’re not really sure what the whole syndrome is. I know that it exists. It’s not just me, and for example, maybe 3 weeks ago it just hits all of a sudden. It’s fatigue that says… I can’t get from my den which is, this is a two bedroom apartment, there’s not a lot of room in here. I don’t want to go from there to there to make something to eat. I’ll just ignore it.

To be tired is one thing. You’re tired, you get some sleep, you get up the next day you’re fine, or maybe 2 days. But to be fatigued is to just not have energy. It’s kind of as, I was talking about it to my oncologist yesterday, and I said to him "It’s like if somebody calls you and says you have to get out the building’s burning down." You want to say to them "Let me know when it’s closer." That sort of thing it’s just you don’t want to move, you do not want to move and physically you feel like you cannot move.

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