First symptoms


Okay, so back in 2011 I was sort of dabbling with Reiki. Reiki is a transfer of energy. It’s an alternative style of therapy and I was working on myself, family and friends; and I was working my daughter’s friend’s mum’s back. She was having some pain and every time I was working on her back or her side she would get a burning sensation, and I would too (experience this burning sensation) on my breast. We kind of joked about that and I said, “You know what? Go get checked out,” and she did and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

So my physical was coming up that summer of August (2011) and I had been working with her and giving her Reiki treatments throughout her chemotherapy and I had mentioned (this burning sensation) to my doctor. I said, “You know I do Reiki and every time I’m working on this patient or any time I’m working on myself and I pass my hands over my right breast I feel this sensation, like I could breastfeed somebody, kind of that tingling before the milk is let down sensation.” She said, “Oh you’re young, you’re 45, don’t worry about it.” She said, “It could be anything but let’s have a mammogram.” Like we couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t, she couldn’t and so she said, “Well we’ll get a baseline mammogram.” So I went and I got a call back from it and I thought, “Oh boy what is this?” I went to the doctor for the results and she had told me not to worry. There’s a little bit of something but not to worry, come back in 3-6 months. But my vitamin B was low and my vitamin D was low so we started on that kind of (vitamin) therapy. I’m not overweight and I’m fairly active, and I eat fairly well. But she was pretty confident, as was I, that there was nothing.

But we decided on a 3-month retest with the mammogram because I thought I can’t go six months without sleep, let’s go 3 months. And so I went in November and the very next day I had a call back. I got the phone call to come into the office, which again, I thought, “No big deal, they must have found something else or just the results.” I was not expecting “you have cancer”. She told me that and when I heard the words “you have cancer” I can truly say I don’t remember much else.

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