Physical activity and diet changes


More to the fruit and vegetables. Yeah, I still have a hankering every once in a while for red meat but, we talk about balanced diets. I’ve talked to nutritionists, I’ve read many books on the benefits of a vegetarian diet or the whole grain diets. There’s so many different avenues. But I think for me what it comes down to is a balanced diet, and ensuring that the fruits and vegetables are not ignored and the water intake is so important for me to help cope with some of these new aches, pains, muscle cramps and things like that. The family love it. At first they weren’t too sure about the green drinks, I’ll be honest with you, but once they looked beyond the colour, it’s been a good thing and all of them juice. All of them make smoothies, and it’s a fun thing to do because what do we have. It always used to be, dad’s making the smoothies expect everything and the kitchen sink to go in it. Everyone has their vices and the green has been a staple so that has been good.

Even, with your, or with the way we look at buying groceries has definitely changed too. The grocery list, and no my house is not junk food free by any means. I probably still eat way too much junk food but I find if I say absolutely cut off, "No" I will crave it. If I have it in the house, it’s like "Okay it’s there if I want it, I don’t know if I want it." It’s just, it’s different. I don’t bake as much as I used to, if I do, it’s a lot of whole foods, different recipe books that I’ve come across. There’s so many wonderful online resources for making everything, whether it’s gluten free or just on a vegetarian or a vegan diet. Whatever is your fancy, but there’s many good things out there and I’m very lucky.

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