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I’ve been very open at work with all of the treatments, with the reconstruction that I’ve undergone here recently. We have many, many jokes and laughs about different things but people care, they truly do care and when I’m not feeling right for whatever reason, whether it’s tiredness, a new surgery is coming up or medical appointments that impacts me. And even though it’s a 6 month check, that week before I’m on edge and I don’t anticipate anything wrong but you never know. I didn’t anticipate cancer in the first place and I let my staff know as I do with family and friend of my up-coming appointments: “I’m sorry if I’m on edge I’m going to say sorry now in case I snap at you I don’t mean to,” they’re very good. I’m thankful, I’m so thankful to have relationships with not only my co-workers but my family to say “Yeah we know you’re maybe stressing a little bit more because of an upcoming appointment or test or whatever.” And they’ve been good, they’ve been good. Would I have asked for that in my previous life? I don’t know if I would have said to people “I’m not feeling good today leave me alone.” Or “I’m sorry.” I would have… I don’t know if I would have.  I’ve had to learn to open up that side of my life through this to improve work relationships, to improve communication and to let them know where I’m at on a daily basis.

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