Impact on health


I do know that I had been stressed out, this is—we’ve been here six years—five years ago, right after Bill had a heart attack. Sorry, it was before Bill had his heart attack. They call them anxiety attacks—your muscles hurt in here. And I had two of them. One was on New Year’s Eve and it would have been, it would have been ‘07, and it was New Year’s Eve and we were supposed to go out. We actually had plans to go to the bar and it was, it was a dinner, a special dinner for New Years, so a sociable drinking. And we had our tickets and I got this severe chest pains. And they were so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack and I went to the hospital. And they treated me just like a heart attack. They gave me whatever pill it was, and it actually worked. It cleared oh half my head; it felt great. I was sick from it though, and I had a bad night. Anyway, that episode passed. So when Bill had his heart attack, even the paramedics when they got here said he wasn’t having a heart attack; his ears were bothering him, just his ears. And he said they’re irritating him and he did have trouble breathing because I even said, “Should I call someone?” And he says, “No, you call an ambulance.” I said, “Are you sure?” He was alert; he talked to me. I managed to get him from upstairs to down here because I knew the—what do you call it?—the hospital bed thing would not fit in my house, right. I knew that much. So anyway, but when the paramedics got here said, “Oh no, he’s not having a heart attack.” They sent him to the next town over and then he had to go into Saskatoon. And by that time his heart actually stopped five times and they—oh yeah, they put two stents in his heart. I forgot that.

So anyway, about a month after that, with all the stress I had another attack. And this time our good friend was with us and he ended up taking me to the hospital. And I was treated there, and this time the doctor realized it was muscles. He pressed on my chest and realized it was muscles. And they still treated me for a heart attack and said, “You need help,” stress wise and counselling and all that. So I went right into counselling and stuff like that.

So from that time though, I was in really, really bad shape, I started to get my energy back. My friend came and helped me more, helped me with Bill, helped me drive, did everything basically, he’s like my mother okay. My mother always took control. My mother was always there for me, helped me here and there, and that’s what he did. And I eventually, I got my life back onto track and now that I find out it could have been allergies—you know anything—but it was just too much stress.

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