Legal issues


There’s a caregiving group in [city in Saskatchewan]. I’ve gone to them for help. They had a good project on. It was 3 different nights. It was fun—it really was—and they even gave free food. Well, they just made you feel special. Like, the little teas and little dainties, they just make you feel special. The part I remember the most was about wills. How to write up your will, how to get power of attorney now before something happens, banks do power of attorney, stuff like that. That was really, really benefit to me. Prepare your funeral in advance and stuff like that if you can, and things like that. And my mom even taught me that write up your obituary in advance. You can put the date in later and fill in the little details, but write up what you want to write up now when you’re thinking calmly, because then, when you’re under stress, you don’t know what to say, and they’re not cheap to put in the paper. So things like that.

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