Trying to find the right balance


When I started out with my husband’s income, it was cut. So, we were struggling with his pay. I actually made a list of all the provinces and chose which ones were too expensive; they were off my list. [A city in MB] is my hometown. I didn’t want to go back and I said, “Hey let’s go to Saskatchewan.” It was affordable. We bought this house, and we were able to settle down and retire. When Bill first got here it was a miracle he—we went to a restaurant and he knew exactly what favourite pizza I liked. I was thrilled to pieces; he knew things. He came back to life like he was 20 years old again. Then right after that, he went to visit his parents—now that we could afford to send him to his parents. He doesn’t like flying; he took the bus. Well 23 hours after he arrived home, he had his first heart attack. That was a disaster, and again he came home on my birthday.

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