Interaction with professionals


And my social worker tells me, she says—because at one point, I found, I knew that there were employment service vouchers, because you can hire someone who has the expertise, for example, to take care of your husband, and who is paid by the… by the CLSC. It’s me who discovered that! Through talking, like word of mouth, you know. And when I spoke to her about it, she said, “Ah! I wasn’t aware of that!” So, I did the follow-up, I searched, I called, and in the end I learned that yes, it existed. So, I called her boss, and I told her, “Yes, it does exist, this is what has to be done, and no more problems.” So she calls me back and was not in a good mood. She said, “You went above my head.” “Because you didn’t have an answer to give me, I had to find the answers.” So I told her, “I got my answers.” Well, she said, “I will hire you as a resource person.” But for me, that wasn’t a compliment that she was making, because me, I had the strength to do it, but my sister-in-law, she wouldn’t have the strength to do it. 

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