Legal issues

Like me, I didn’t have him sign a mandate in case of incapacity because, again, it costs money, and it’s takes time.  A mandate, you know in the end, when you are at the hospital, the doctor can tell that this man is not capable of staying on his own. Why do we have to go through the Court, then this and that, and then it costs you the fees. They told me it could cost as much from $1200 to $1500 to homologate a mandate of incapacity. But, to date, he lets me, “If you say so.” But he could… like if let’s say he got sick, I call the ambulance, if he says no to the ambulance driver, he’ll leave him here. And that, automatically when you need a caregiver, the caregiver should have certain powers. You know, the nurse, he can tell he’s sick. He says, “Yes, you are really sick, we’re taking you. It’s not up to you to choose, it’s hers.” No, you have to pay for that too. What’s the deal there?

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