Support from family and friends


It's the same thing. He was getting up at night and falling. Now, try to lift this. He is all flabby. And he didn't want anybody. Because now, “My God, I have no choice, I have to get someone. I cannot leave you on the floor.” Which means that you have to bother a neighbor, and then you... If we had a budget for this, then you feel less embarrassed. Like when I leave to go to my courses or at conferences and he is paid, although he is not paid very much, then I feel more... I think to myself, “At least he is paid to be here.” He would probably do it voluntarily, but it's me who feels embarrassed. I am not the only one who feels that way. Some people never asked anything to anybody, and then, they have to! They do not have a choice but to ask. You don't feel good about this. You depreciate yourself and you think “Why are there so many people, elderly people who follow one another.”

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