Impact on health


I helped her as much as I could up and down. And she’s a small woman and I am a small woman also, and I almost tripped helping her down the steps twice, and that scared me. And I also developed a lot of physical symptoms myself, of exhaustion and depression. And I got to the point that I thought I was losing my mind, and I considered suicide. And I heard of a crisis centre where I could go and spend 10 days, and meet with psychologists or psychiatrists twice a day; and for that you get lodging and meals, home-cooked meals, and just you could do whatever you wanted. You could sleep or read or watch TV, smoke cigarettes all day and all—well not all night. They had a curfew. And I went, and it was almost like a vacation to me because I didn’t have to think of what I had to make for dinner or cook it. But I had developed a stuttering—I was stuttering—and a tic in my eye and exhaustion and confusion and dark thoughts. Speaking to professionals helped me to maybe see more clearly and realize I needed more support.

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