Advice for friends and family


And actually, I joke about that, but it’s true. Actually, one of Luke’s family members just bought an accessible home and she was just about to move in in about a month. And that was one of the biggest thrills of our life because there’s only two other family members’ home out of all of our extended family that we can get into. So, we’re just excited to be able to go have shared experiences and spend time with them. So, we joke about that because we know most people can’t switch homes, but actually it’s a big deal to have an accessible home or to find a way—to try and find a way. And I think too, when we can’t come to certain things, trying to find ways to make up for it by having a meal out, or I often say—no one has taken me up on this, but—our friends often say, “Oh, we wish we could have you over for dinner,” because that’s one thing I miss is I never get to go to someone else’s house for dinner and have them make us dinner, right. And I would like to do that, and so I tell them make dinner and bring it here, and that’ll be your way of having us over for dinner. But that hasn’t happened. So, if any of them watch this, it’s a hint taken.

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