Legal issues


I want to tell my story and I’m trying to let go of the past. I wanted to sue those people so badly, and if you’ve got a lawyer in your family or something, do it because you’ll win. They like to settle. That’s another thing I found out when I was in the hospital as a professional. Hospitals don’t like being put in the paper. They will settle out of court, under the table. So don’t be scared. I’m sure I would have won my dad’s case, but there’s no point right now. I think it’s… there was too much agony going through. I did consult a lawyer, and I did have a case, and I just ran out of energy. But I’m sure dad up there knows I did the best I could, and everybody else does too. So winning a bunch of money in 10 years or whatever it takes… I don’t know. No, stop it when it’s happening.

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