Legal issues


In my situation, as far as the alternatives go, one of the things we’re pretty good at doing is recognizing—not only because we’re committees, so we have a fiduciary duty as our mother’s legal guardian to make decisions in her best interest, but also because I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that I’m not perfect—there may still come a time when what we’re able to provide for her isn’t the best thing for her. So, one thing we’re good at is at least considering alternatives on a yearly basis. So, what we do is we take a look around—and this really more often comes from me initially, being fairly or at least trying to be connected with the wider community. So, what’s out there for somebody like my mom? And every year, taking the time as a family to say, “Okay, here is the next best alternative,” and then really looking at it from that point of view, to say, “Well, is this really a better alternative?” And so in our case, 34 years later, there obviously hasn’t been a better alternative.

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