Support from family and friends


I get that a lot, particularly around the fact that I’m a male—and I’m a young male to boot—and that I have sisters. So, when people learn that I [give care to my mother], the next question out of their mouth is, “Well, why aren’t your sisters doing this?” For me, the reality is this: I think it, as far as the choice thing goes, it’s to each their own to some degree. However, the reality is that sisters and I have all experienced the same thing— a fairly traumatic event in the lives of our family—and yet we couldn’t be any more different the three of us. I think there’s an explanation for it, but as far as choosing what we do, one of my sisters has actively chosen not to be involved and one of them has chosen to be involved as much as she can, whereas I have made this, really I would call it a life decision. So, if there was a spectrum, I think the reality is that we’ve intrinsically, for different reasons, each one of us has made the decision on our own to what degree we are going to be involved. So, I think that’s probably, as far as the choice goes, I think it’s first and foremost it’s intrinsic. If none of us had it, if all three of us said nope, we would find a better alternative.

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