Adapting to new roles and key issues for spouses


I think it’s out there if you really need to look for it. That’s where I see a big difference in other couples, because I see them pulling away from each other rather than still being a loving husband and wife. You become the…I get a lot of girls saying to me “I’m more like his mother. He even calls me mother,” although I would never have allowed that. There’s no way, I’m not your mother, but you find yourself doing more and more things. Undressing and I’m dressing him. I’m helping him in the bathroom. I’m helping his, I do his eye drops and his ointments and all the myriad of things that need done for him. His hair, his skin has problems with Parkinson’s. 

On a daily basis, I’m hands-on with him so much, by evening it certainly isn’t the time for love making; that’s not going to happen. So we try very often, if we’re going to have some quiet time together, it’s in the morning. Yeah, when you’re not as tired and I think you have to, you have to make a date and say, “Yes we’re going to have some loving time tomorrow morning.” We’ve got to set that aside because if you don’t, boy it just goes by the wayside and I find that, my husband, that’s too important to him to give up. He’s given up so much. His ability to do so much is gone, and that’s tough, it’s tough to see that.

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