Hospitals and facilities


So, I called the client advocacy office and they were phenomenal. But then I think they knew I wasn’t, she wasn’t going to leave there. As my name is Fernanda, my mother was not going to go back home. 

And spoke to them and we basically tore that whole, that whole 5th floor medicine, we tore it apart. And we then asked, requested, a change of physicians and which they did. Well, he came and he said, “I have approved your request for a change of physicians, but my colleague,” the other guy that was on the other floor wouldn’t take my mother on. So now, they’re leaving a woman who’s had major heart attack, mini strokes, a renal patient, with no attending physician and no pain meds because now only another physician can put her back on any kind of meds. 

So, to the client advocacy office again. And I said, “This is just unacceptable.” And again they were amazing, amazing. They got hold of the nursing home doctor, managed to do a conference call with the nursing staff at the unit and put her back on what she was on before the fall. So at least she had that, even if it wasn’t much. And then the new physician came two days later. And phenomenal, right from then onwards. So, mom stayed in the hospital for another two weeks. But once again, my mother had me to advocate for her. What about those people that have nobody? And that’s what’s pretty frightening. So that’s been—the thing with the dislocated shoulder and the […] incident—that has been the not so good experience, and it’s actually been a very frightening experience because I never, in 13 years of dealing with hospitals, I never thought I’d go through this, never.

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