Health system issues


When we went to visit the gerontologist, they gave us a lot of information about dementia, arthritis, supports, but I just found that all of those supports that they mentioned were supports that were sort of almost too late. They were almost too late. My mother was already almost out of that stage. So, you just get the wheelchair with the feet…They would send me to the home healthcare and they would come and measure her for the wheelchair that was just going to be perfect for her, and then as soon as she got that and she could use it with her feet to move, she was already out of that and ready for the next stage. And then, they measured her for a wheelchair that would support her head more, that she could lie back and recline. And as soon as she got that we found it wasn’t very long when she was…when her head was leaning to the side. And so, it took a while to get the wheelchair that had the supports on the shoulders. So, it just seemed that it was always a little bit late. It wasn’t sort of proactive. We’re always reactive. I would like to see a little more in the way of proactive; before she needs it, before she outgrows these things already.

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