Advice for other caregivers


Well, consider each situation, but one of the things is “just be patient.” Just be patient. Like I said, “who cares”. Is it that important that you get stressed out over it, or you get angry over it or, or depressed over it? No, no it doesn’t matter at all. Just hang in there and grin and bear it. There’s an end and you never know what blessings will come because of the way you acted.

I worked in a government office for 17 years and got one complaint against me. It came from head office. So the boss I was working with he said “We’ve had a complaint against you and I said ‘what is it?” He said “they wonder why you’re happy all the time.” Different people would come in and they—[it] was a place where there was mostly men clientele—would come in mad and going at me. And I’d just stay calm and answer their questions and show them the rules and regulations, if that had to be and so on. So, it came back to me different times that they would meet up then with the boss and they’d say “Well, what’s with her? I went in there giving her a blast and I came out smiling. Isn’t she ever upset? Doesn’t she ever get mad?” “No, [I] worked with her for years and she’s never gotten angry. No.” What does it do for you? It makes you worse. No. I’m always happy. So, that’s one thing I would say. Whatever your situation is, just try to be happy. Try to be happy.

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