Personal growth and transformation


Well, it might keep me from having Alzheimer’s. No, not really. No, but only the positive aspects, it’s that it… I can tell you one thing, caring for my daughter, it has kept me from ageing. It didn’t force me to age; it kept me from ageing. I have that impression. Because I’m taking care of her, I don’t have the time to think that I’m getting older, or whatever. I don’t have time. So, I think that’s the positive aspect to caregiving. For some, it will make them sick, but for me it’s the opposite. It gave me the motivation I needed. And having met these people—having told my story to them, got help and all that—that really helped me as well. And I think that…my temperament is such that I am not negative. I’m more positive, so… I have everything connected, that’s what she gave me as means, so I try, as much as possible, to love my daughter, and to help her, and to keep going. That’s what’s important.

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