Advice for other caregivers


To other caregivers, don’t burn out like I did; take care of yourself. It’s okay to take care of yourself. The analogy is of the train, the locomotive in the front that’s pulling the whole rest of the train. You have to give yourself some fuel. Otherwise that stops. So, if it can help to think of it in that way, that you’re doing it for the other person to make you feel you can justify it. That’s not necessary, but if it helps that’s okay. And like for me, I think I learned the hard way that I can’t push myself… I can’t push myself to the limit every, constantly every day all the time, that you know my body will end up saying, “Whoa! We’re not supporting you anymore until you make some changes here.” Like, my body really gave me that message. It just shut down as if like, “No we’re tired. We’re not getting up. We’re just not moving.”

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