Travelling, holidays and respite


In our situation it, things as much as possible need to be in home. There are respite, there is a possibility of respite, but it would mean she’d go into an establishment for ‘x’ period of time. I would like that, but I know that this would kill her. I mean, that symbolically, like, she doesn’t even want somebody coming to help her with her bath in her own house  for once a week. She’s not going to go for a week and stay in a long-term care facility. So I mean, the drama we’ve had about the bath, I can imagine bringing up “Why don’t you go away for a week? So that I could have a break.” I can just imagine what that would be if I insisted, if I really insisted on that, which I could do, she’d have to because as a caregiver I can say, “I’m not doing this  anymore.” I have that choice. But it’s a very difficult position to be in. I’m not sure that that’s one battle I would want to fight with my mom.

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