Adapting to new roles and key issues for spouses

So I told myself, “I have to leave from here. I can no longer live in these conditions.” I wasn’t able to anymore. And then I was… And then, well that person with whom I was involved with, it was a person that was…In any case, it isn’t recommended, let’s say, it’s not saying much but anyway, I will use the words that are the smoothest and so… This person, she had... had an apartment at one point, and it was a four and a half, and there was a room available, and me, I was searching for a place. Because I took some steps to find a room somewhere, to go live, and live some experiences outside, to take stock, to take a step back. And every time, all of the places I visited, I visited four, five. And then I felt like not good with this, and the person in question, well she said, “I could take a roommate,” and all. So, well, I felt like comfortable with this person. So, I moved in with this person. It’s certain that the roommate was… it’s relative. There are different forms of relations that we had together during that month and a half, roughly. 

There was a period of time when it separated or distances us and then now, I have the impression that it brings us closer. In any case, that’s how I see it. Okay. Now I feel closer. When I left the house, I thought it was impossible. I left, and… I leave and I’m never coming back, and my mind was made up. And when I came back, I came back thinking it’s her that I married, and it’s with her that I want to continue my life with as well. There are parts of my life that are more—how can I say this—less intense from a sexual point of view. It’s very very limited there in terms of relations. And me, I am not an emotional person. My wife is however. So, it’s certain that there was a period of time when I was even reticent of all contact. Now, I am going to be a lot more receptive, a lot closer, more present. And then, but that’s… There were highs and lows. There was a significant enough variation at that level. But I will… and even my perception of my wife, she is—how can I say this—I consider her like my wife.

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