Advice for other caregivers

Listen, I think that searching for help, not to try to respond to all the needs on your own, and to… to go get some, whether with the CLSC, whether with the caregivers. There is a lot, a lot of progress in Quebec that took place in the last two years regarding caregivers. I say two years, but in [region in QC], it has been around for a long time. I didn’t know that. And there are lots of people who are family caregivers and who don’t even know they are family caregivers. So, for sure they are not going to use this service. And then, but me, with the support I received, it’s support from external organizations that offered support whether it’s for men, whether it’s for an emotional issue, relational, for caregivers in any case. And it’s these needs for me, these services that were much more helpful than psychological therapy. I consulted a psychologist as well, but participating in these organizations or in support groups, more specific or targeted… In any case, go for it! Go on the internet, it’s easy for those who are able to go. And caregivers or family caregivers, there are lots of tricks for caregivers, and yes, for elderlies, but yes, for any clientele as well. There are some for different health issues and there are general ones and all that. So, that’s it. I think one should absolutely not try to respond to everything oneself. That’s the mistake I made at the beginning, to try to respond to as much as possible—as soon as there was a need, I would absorb it and try to respond to it somehow. Then I would do it in a lame way, and I was losing myself in all that.

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