Travelling, holidays and respite

We are perfectly aware that, for example, we are going to Germany in the fall. Well, we are perfectly aware, I am not insurable. So, we know that maybe I will go, maybe I won’t, we don’t know. But we’ve accepted that, we’ve come to terms with that, even if we… We don’t want to keep ourselves from living in case something more serious happens to me. We agreed to make some concessions. to say, “Well okay, we will lose money”. We will lose money, that’s all. To date, it hasn’t happened. But it’s hard for me to travel because it’s tiring, you know. It takes me two days to get over it. But after that, I have to give myself a little rest period at the house or at the hotel where we are, and then after that, our itinerary each day. What we are going to visit and all that. We have to prepare ourselves.

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