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The most positive experience of this whole caregiving experience was the fact that I had a really close relationship with my dad, and with my mom. And I felt, with all the sacrifices that they did for us—they sent us away to get a great education, knowing that they could afford it, but money could have been used for other things, but they felt this was their duty as parents to make sure that we get a great education. So, just the sacrifices that they made for all 3 of us kids. It felt good, looking back; it felt good to be able to give back to my dad. And it wasn’t the easiest experience but I’ve learned life is going be full of these experiences and if we just embrace it and realize that we’re all going to go through a caregiving experience; you learn a lot. With this experience, I look back on all of the difficult moments, and each moment was a lesson for me. And I think the last impression I have of my dad, when he made the decision, was you’ve got to enjoy life and you’ve got to enjoy every moment because you never know when you’re going have to make this decision. So, I don’t think I would ever change anything. Everything was supposed to happen for a reason, so I would definitely not change any moment of that whole experience.

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