Social impact and lifestyle changes 2


Absolutely. The young people that we have met, they are just so wonderful. And we actually have something now; we’ve instituted something called family dinner. So every Wednesday, because our older son and our nephew who lives with us are home—they don’t work, and they’re not at classes on Wednesday night—any of the caregivers who want to come will come for dinner. And we just make the table huge and we just put on a big something or other or whatever it is—each week it’s different—and then we sit around and talk or play a game of some sort; card games or a board game or whatever. And we just so thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think they enjoy coming and we just all kind of… So, it’s not obligatory, it’s just whoever’s around on a Wednesday night and wants to come for dinner. So, it’s just been really neat and staying in touch with these people, it’s just very heartening to get these e-mails and letters from them.

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