Travelling, holidays and respite


Well, so one of the things that we do is—we have many smaller and then bigger things, but we certainly—we have a holiday every year. So we’ve now started, this is the 4th year we’ve taken a winter holiday, just one week, and it’s when our son’s at school. So we have, you have to have the supports all in place. It takes a lot of work to get up there because you’ll see there’s all kinds of notices; there’s a schedule of who’s going to work because we have to have 24/7 coverage. So it takes a lot of work, but again, once you’ve got that system in place, then each year—and this is the beauty of computers, I’ve got file folders and you kind of go in okay and then you just have to change the dates and change things around a little bit and update them according to what’s happening—but take the time to put that system in place because once you’ve got it, you can just brush it off and use it every year kind of thing. So we take a holiday, got the systems in place now, go away and, and we’re again, financially we can afford that. But I think there might be other ways that you could do it.  Like for example, if there was a place, somebody had a…you could go and stay in a different town or a different…There are some programs here in town like that, I’ve forgotten what that vacation one is called. Anyway you can have a couple of nights off or whatever. So we do a holiday, a winter holiday every year and we try to do a cultural holiday of about a week to 10 days. Sometimes, again always while our son’s in school because that at least it, the burden of then the care is a little bit less intensive. If we were to go away in the summer, then it would be hard.

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