Advice for other caregivers

The string that hangs on the door handles—I don’t know if you noticed those—that’s so that [my husband] with—sorry I said the name, you’ll have to black that out—that’s so that my husband coming in a wheelchair, because he can’t reach back and grab the door handle once the wheelchair’s all the way clear of the door, he’s got to be able to grab that string and kind of pull it with him so that he can pull the door shut behind him. So it’s things like that that either I have to come up with or somebody else has previously figured out and you find out through various support groups. And my husband belongs to an MS group that he goes to, so he probably gets tips from them about things. I have got certainly a number of tips from people in the caregiver support group about just how somebody does something… what you can do to… like people with MS in the early stages, one foot tends to drag. So I happened to find out from the shoe store I visited that has a kind of foot health clinic, that you could get a different kind of sole put in the front part of the shoe that’s very slippery so that it doesn’t catch as the foot is dragging; it slides. And that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of.

So, there are all sorts of solutions that people have found—winter boots. When they have difficulty walking and their feet catch, […] they have difficulty even putting shoes on and off, the idea of winter boot—having to actually take shoes off and put winter boots on and then take them off again when he gets somewhere—that just doesn’t work. Then I found out, I think it was through the same shoe store, about these big things…they’re kind of like big galoshes but when you open them all up, they almost look like a big paper bag you’re sticking your foot into. So it’s not like those kind that really fit tightly over the shoe, because again, somebody with MS just doesn’t have the ability to deal with something that is sort of sticky and tight fitting. But sticking your foot in essentially a big bag is doable, and you keep your shoes on. So that piece of information I got, […] the shoe store happened to find out because a lot of the mailmen apparently use them because they’ve got very good grips on the bottom.

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