Home care and live-in caregivers


No, they didn’t explain anything like that. Of course, by the time you get to that point you’ve been doing everything. So, there wasn’t much that they had to tell me. The relationships with the caregivers themselves has been fantastic. The caregivers are really wonderful people, and with the odd exception, we have just had amazing people. I am so grateful to them because they’re not only doing things that I simply couldn’t do—couldn’t be able, couldn’t bring myself to do with him—but they are so cheerful and fun and funny, and I’m hearing laughing and jokes and all that going on in the room with them when they’re here. And they have conversations with him about sports things, what was happening in some game last night or whatever. Or they’ll be telling stories or just making jokes.

They are phenomenal. I can’t say enough good about the people that they have in the system. Every now and then you get a jerk, but by and large they are so much better than I thought they would be. And I’m just eternally grateful, not only for the system, but for the people in it.

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