Impact on health


I mean, 2 years ago I injured my back because I was helping him. He was at the point where he could still just barely transfer out of his chair into another chair or into the car, something like that, even on and off the toilet because he was still using the toilet on his own then. And initially it was just a kind of a little help and it got to the point where it was, I was really having to try and lift him. And that’s when I injured my back. And I simply said, “I’m not doing that anymore.” Any kind of transferring is going to have to be with homecare people, and otherwise, I’m just not doing it because it’s taken 2½ years for my back to start to feel as if it’s somewhat better, not back to where it was. And it is just such a risk to caregivers because you really do keep doing things until you injure yourself.

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