Adapting to new roles and key issues for spouses


In my trade, I have noticed women that would get Multiple Sclerosis and their husbands wouldn’t be able to handle that. They would start playing around on them and having affairs. And of course they’d feel horribly guilty. But you see, there’s been a change. And these marriage vows that we all take for better, for worse, through sickness and through health, but I think that people should really think twice when they make that oath, that promise to that person. You have to really think, “Am I going to love them and like them as much if they do get ill?” [My husband], he was sick to begin with so I fell in love with him the way he was. Chances are if he was well, I wouldn’t have been able to stand him; he would have been too much for me. So Parkinson’s had to slow him down a little so I could catch him. He’s a great man, what can I say? He’s just the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s a fair trade-off. He’s good for me. I’ve been good for him. I’ve, I don’t really see myself as the caregiver. I think he’s sort of my rescuer caregiver too.

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