Personal growth and transformation


It’s the greatest gift you can give to another human being. To give yourself, to give your life for another person. Like I said, there are some people who are so selfish or they are so needy themselves they could never carry out this task. Caregivers are tough, and you better believe it. We’re very tough people, we’re fierce, we’re warriors. We fight just as hard as the victim does, if not harder. The tougher it gets for us, it just makes us all the more tougher. I’m determined. It’s not going to break me. I’m not going to let it take me down. It’s an honour, an honour to look after [my husband].

It’s just really a fulfilling and happy, to know that I’m a success. I’m not a failure; I’m a success. I can do it and I’m doing a good job. I know it. I know I’m good. Even though I’m powerless, I still feel I’m in power, and I’m just bound and determined; I’m going to keep my man at home with me as long as I can until I have to come to the mature decision to change our lives once again. But for now, we have our happy home and [my husband], he loves my cooking, and we’ve got the cats and us, and we just live out every day and try to be happy somehow.

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