Challenging emotions and feelings


And funnily enough, I had called—I call her every day—I called her that day and I hadn’t heard back from her and I always get really concerned when I don’t hear back from her because every day I don’t know what’s going on. And I, at that point, had made a conscious decision just to not freak out and, “It’s okay, and it’s okay if she doesn’t get back to you sometimes.” And I heard from her the next day, but then I go see her 4 days later or whatever and she’s black and blue on her arms and with a sling or whatever. And I said, “You can’t not tell me when things like that happen because my constant fear is that things like that are happening and that I don’t know about them. So you just validated that experience for me, and that feeling for me. So now, whenever you don’t call me back, I’m going to think you fell down and hit your head, you’re bleeding out on the floor or something.” 

At the time I saw her fall a lot, and I remember one incident. We had white carpet and she was up really early and she was holding onto the chair for support, but she lost her balance and she fell back and she cracked her head on the corner of another chair, and I just remember hearing her scream and fall, and then I ran in the room and just see blood on white carpet coming out of her head. Yeah, so… And then I did not leave the house after that at all, just completely afraid that she was just going to just fall and die really.

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