Adapting to new roles and key issues for spouses


I will go further and say that I was in that situation. I met another Well Spouse and it happened by accident, but we formed a relationship and we, both of us, had gone many years without having intimacy with our partners

We knew, we…how do I go from here? It was like, it was a relief but at the same time it wasn’t necessarily going to be permanent, but I definitely did not want to be looking around for other women. She didn’t want to be looking around for other men, so we were like a comfort to each other. And she was the reason why I moved down to the States after Vivienne died. I did not tell Vivienne about her. In some rare cases, the ill spouse, in most that I’ve heard of, the ill spouse says—and that’s just a few—says to the well spouse, “You know, I know that I can’t satisfy you. If you need to go elsewhere then do it, but just don’t tell me about it.”
And so that’s, that’s what I did. But Vivienne, our situation was different and I never told her. But my commitment to […] my second wife was I am first and foremost looking after Vivienne and I’ll be with her right to the end. After that, whatever happens happens.

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