Health system issues 2


But, what I tell you. This is the best unpaid work the federal government gets, I’ll tell you. They are saving billions with all these caregivers. And, I mean, there’s no income tax relief for caregivers. I mean, we’ve got the disability tax credit. I mean every disability thing, because I work with people with disability, we’ve got every disability thing possible that my husband qualifies for, but there’s nothing for caregivers. And I think they are going to put in a caregiver tax credit. Well, that means you have to pay taxes. I mean, if your income is low enough that you’re not paying taxes, a tax credit is not going to help you. So, I mean, this is my new thing, bandwagon I’m getting on when I have time, this whole caregiver thing. Because it’s just there’s a total expectation that you’re going to do this job 24/7, but there’s absolutely no help to do it.

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