Legal issues


And so, she intentionally blocked contact, contacted the Public Guardian because she didn’t want me to control our family finances. And so, she wanted the Public Guardian to step in and so she slandered me and she made up all these lies, and told them all kinds of stories about me that were all unsubstantiated, that later on in court—when I ended up in court, and under cross-examination—they found out about a number of lies that she had told. She was basically interfering with my ability to manage the finances. Like, she did things like sell a piece of land that that he owned, and she didn’t tell me about it. She opened a bank account for him in his name and put the money in it, but then she took money out of the bank account—his bank account, that I was supposed to be managing. And I don’t know what happened to that money, but of course, she… Well, she didn’t really tell the Public Guardian about that. Anyways to make a long story short, the Public Guardian revoked my Power of Attorney and my sister-in-law took him to a lawyer, told him that we were divorced—which we weren’t—and she told—we were living separately because of logistics basically—and she didn’t bother to say anything in my favour. She just wanted to make sure that the Power of Attorney was revoked, and she ended up… the Power of Attorney ended up being turned over to the Public Guardian. So they basically seized all of his assets and made my life, and my kids life, and his life a living hell. And it’s been a living hell ever since.

Now, I tried to regain Power of Attorney. I had to hire a lawyer to defend myself against their specious and false accusations, and this battle went on from 2006 until last summer, 2011. And I had to make a number of concessions with the Public Guardian. They are still managing his affairs and they’ve made my life a living hell because they can’t manage affairs properly. They charge extraordinary fees to manage people’s money, and of course they don’t tell people—like, they didn’t tell my sister-in-law that they would charge these fees. So, most of my husband’s CPP benefits, disability benefits, that he gets from Canada Pension are eaten up by Public Guardian fees. So this is something that the Public Guardian does not advertise. So one thing that I think people need to watch out for if they’re ever in a situation where they are a Power of Attorney is that they need to actually read up on what the so-called rules of being a Power of Attorney are, so that they can avoid any potential conflicts with the Public Guardian, because once you get involved with the Public Guardian, you will suffer enormous financial losses, and psychologically you will be devastated. They just make your life so difficult that it’s just… it’s indescribable how much harm they cause.

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