Impact on health

Find a source of help. Psychiatry is good except that often there’s a wait time. You might, if you’re expressing a suicide concern, go to your doctor and perhaps you can get into see a professional sooner because of that. Don’t be scared to say that you’re, you know—if you’ve got a good doctor they will react. Find someone who understands it. Find someone who’s been there, done that. Again, probably through a support group or through this website you can find someone possibly who’s been in that situation. But don’t let it go long like my situation with feeling like I was drowning. Don’t let it go that far when you’re only hanging on by two strings. Get help when you recognize it and when you see it, and you know that there’s a problem and you‘re scared. Get, get some sort of help somewhere. Go to your doctor, go somewhere and get some help. Hopefully they can connect you with the right places, because it’s too hard when you’re getting too deep. But find some source. Now they have the Internet; you could find some sort of source. Talk to people that maybe know someone else that know someone else. But it requires a little bit of work, and a little bit of mental preparation, if you’re not too far where you can get to that point to get help. Like, don’t wait; get help right away, before it goes to a suicidal point or something like that.

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