Providing support

Well my caregiving task is not a typical caregiving task. I mean, he can still function with getting things ready. My thing is being a calendar, a memory bank for him right now. […] Most of my caregiving is reminding him of things, keeping track of things, like when the kids were little. You have this going on on this day. I make sure he doesn’t miss an appointment. He still has a bit of meds.  He’s still really good about looking after that. I don’t have to worry about that. It’s dealing with issues, but he’s fortunately able to deal with most of the stuff. I need to go along with appointments and things because I need to hear things, because he forgets things; he doesn’t process things. So I’m basically his memory bank, his calendar. That’s the biggest part of caregiving for him I would say. Physically, I don’t need to do anything physically for his needs. He can still look after what he needs to do physically. In regard to his caregiving and things, I don’t. I’m not doing any bathing or any of those kind of things. So, that’s basically what I am.

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