Social impact and lifestyle changes

He would criticize… if we had someone here, he would criticize something I might have done. Lately what it is is I’m not doing things the way he would do things, and it’s like, “Big deal, right?” Like, it’s not a big deal. But it is to him. I don’t word sentences the way he would word them. He’ll say, “You mean this,” and I say, “No, I mean what I said originally” because I’m not wording it the way he would word it. And these are little things, but this is what it’s coming to. And he will criticize things when there are people here and that’s very embarrassing for me because some people will tell me later, “Oh, he was very harsh to you,” or something. Some people will say—it depends on how well we know them—some people we don’t know well and I’m worried what they’re thinking. It sometimes affects our social life. Do I want to pursue a new friendship with another couple? I don’t know because that makes me very nervous…because it’s not something I share that he has this illness right away. But if they don’t know it, they wouldn’t understand his actions as behaviour. He can be a lot of fun when we’re with another couple, but he can also be a little rough around the edges. And do I want to take that risk of introducing a new couple to our social circle? I have to think long and hard before I do that. I have to decide if I want to prepare this couple for what he has. Because he also lately, he just says things straight out and doesn’t think about the other person’s feelings. He didn’t used to be that way.

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