Support from family and friends

The support from my husband’s side of the family, in my opinion, was very poor. My husband comes from a large family. There are eleven children in the family. There’s a couple of them that are great because they’ve had their own experiences with illnesses. The rest are oblivious to what this illness involves and that type of thing. His parents are both deceased. His father passed away when the illness, I think, was only a year or 2 old. So, his mother was elderly, but she was a caregiver because she had a mentally challenged child. So, she was wrapped up. Her support was concern for a son kind of thing. My family’s side was probably a little bit more understanding. My father had an illness and my mother had to deal with that for a long time. So, she was always concerned and she understood when I needed to get a break, get away kind of thing. She understood that. My sister is supportive, as she’ll invite me if it’s something that my husband wouldn’t go to because of heat or whatever. She will still invite me. She will offer it to me, and even though she and her husband could be going to this or whatever. It could be couples going to it, but she will still give me the option of saying “Yes, I want to come along” or “I don’t want to come along”, which I appreciate so much because, often, couples won’t invite us if they know that my husband can’t go.


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