Uncovering how and why caregivers care


It probably did. It’s a very good question. I think by nature I was a helper, and so it was very difficult for me to receive assistance when I required it for medical reasons. But when I received it, I realized how important it was and I think it probably enhanced my understanding of how important it is to give. When you can, you ought to give to others who are in similar circumstances who are requiring help. Because the best thing you can have in your life is actually relationships of reciprocity, like if you have reciprocal relationships. So, you may need help this year so I can help you. Well 5 years from now maybe I’m the one who needs help. You feel more comfortable to give and take, I think, when there is that relationship. In a family with a mother and child that’s easy. Well there’s lots of reason to want to give back to your mother. She’s cared for you for many years, so you’re reciprocating. Well, I think you can expand that to friends as well. Particularly—we have a mobile society—many of us are going to be aging and we’re going to have our friends; we’re not going to have the generation below to help each other out. But we’re all going to need help at some point. And so helping each other as we go through life, I think, is a really nice way to set the path, set the road.

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