Relationship building


You know what? Building trust came through conversations and it came through mutual respect and that mutual respect built about me sharing my experiences and this researcher being open about his experiences, him being open about what he was interested in investigating but also me being able to share with him what I felt was important to investigate and what would change our life and I have to say, probably the most singular moment of building that trust was when I brought my five-year-old daughter to visit his lab and you can imagine a five-year-old running around a lab with lots of really interesting microscopic equipment and Petri dishes and touching everything but the team were thrilled to have her there. What it did was it made it real. It made their work real. They saw the person whose life that they were impacting through the very basic research that they were doing and to this day I’m still connected to members of his team that worked in his laboratory around mitochondrial disease and mitochondrial dysfunction. 

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