Balancing time and commitments


We meet online every two months, and that meeting time is set by sending out a survey and seeing who’s available, when, within a specific timeframe, and then the one when most people are available is the one that turns up, and all of those so far, I’ve been able to make, so that’s been good. It always creeps on me faster than I think it will, and two months seems like a long time and, you know, I think okay, well I’m going to go and look more carefully at those modules, I’m going to read over that report and something else has just come out. And then all of a sudden you’re at the two months and oh, I need to do that tonight, but it’s been manageable. I, you know, I always wish that there was more time and that I use my time more wisely to get some of these things done, but it’s been manageable.

And we’ve met in Toronto, as a whole in-person group, three times. That’s pretty easy for me, I’ve got family in Toronto, so coming up for those meetings has been pretty easy. Much more difficult for some of the other people on the committee who have to fly in from different areas, and the last time we met some poor woman got delayed in a northern airport, and she was there for, like it was a, I believe it was a two-day session, and she got there for like about the last afternoon and it was, I forget whether she was fogged in or what it was, there was just no, she just couldn’t get here. So, not a big deal for me, but certainly a consideration for lots of people from the other more remote areas.

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